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Investigating “socialX”

Within my studies, I’ve chosen to put a particular focus on social innovation. Both because I’m interested in doing “good,” and because I felt embarrassed for not being confidently able to define the term, despite having been around it for … Continue reading

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I make (cool and) nerdy stuff

In grad school, I don’t make things. Papers and presentations aren’t tangible enough for me to consider them “things” in the way that I mean. So I’ve been looking for opportunities to make stuff. Food, music and lamps is where … Continue reading

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Stress, research, fear

I’m having difficulty managing myself lately. I have a bunch of projects on-the-go, and I’m feeling overwhelmed. However, I’d promised myself to seek a more sustainable lifestyle. Relatively-speaking, I’ve been partially successful in this: I’m going to the gym normally … Continue reading

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I ran away

Either I’m on the dumbest vacation ever, or my own subject in some awfully speculative experiment. Some time ago, I booked myself a flight to Mexico City. (It’s a long story, and not relevant here.) More recently (driven by the … Continue reading

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I’m maybe better than average at coming up with project ideas, but definitely poor at coming up with names for them. (Doubtless, this is one of the reasons most of my work has been collaborative.) But over lunch with Mark … Continue reading

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