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Notes from my talk on visualization for non-profits

Last night I spoke at the Toronto Net Tuesday event about visualization for non-profits. Thanks to those who came out, my co-presenter Justin Malecki from ClearSky Advisors, and the organizers, TechSoup Canada. Here are the links I showed, and my notes:

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Speaking: Toronto Net Tuesday

[Update: The notes from my talk are posted here:] On April 17th I’ll be doing an intro to information visualization for (primarily) non-profits at Toronto Net Tuesday: Does your organization collect a lot of data?  What are you doing with … Continue reading

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Trends in incubating social innovation

In this, my final semester of coursework in my M.Des., I’ve been studying ‘socialX‘. As the final official piece of my independent study on the subject, I chose to specifically look at the different ways in which organizations are supporting or … Continue reading

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A socialX primer

I’ve spent the past few months earnestly trying to wrap my head around the set of approaches and practices that I’ve (perhaps crudely) lumped together as “socialX.” In the interest of allowing myself to stop intentionally struggling with terminology, I … Continue reading

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Some socialX resources

[I may update this post occasionally with new stuff that seems relevant.] Doing this work has felt very much like drinking from the proverbial firehose. I’ve cut back dramatically on the sources I check regularly, as I’ve refined my area … Continue reading

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Investigating “socialX”

Within my studies, I’ve chosen to put a particular focus on social innovation. Both because I’m interested in doing “good,” and because I felt embarrassed for not being confidently able to define the term, despite having been around it for … Continue reading

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