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Tabs Toronto 2021

An acquaintance dropped me a line this winter asking if there’s a tool available for getting notifications of City of Toronto council / committee meeting agenda items of interest. Tabs Toronto did this from 2012-2018, but has since been offline. … Continue reading

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Suddenly, Toronto lobbyist registry

Just over a week after the Toronto budget mini-hackathon, The Toronto Star launched their Lobby Watch mini-site, featuring some great “interactives.” The timing is uncanny: we were working with the same data at the hackathon, and had similar outputs in … Continue reading

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[murmur] at 10

Ten years ago tonight, James Roussel and I skulked around Kensington Market, awkwardly attaching incredibly heavy homemade square steel signs to various poles, lugging armloads of tools and trying to not to look conspicuous. In the early hours of the … Continue reading

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Toronto budget mini-“hackathon” report

Check out the cool stuff we made at the Toronto budget mini-hackathon this weekend! We parsed the 2012 city budget from a messy bunch of Excel files, and uploaded it to OpenSpending — which produces this interactive treemap:  

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Toronto Budget “Hackathon”: Jul 20-21

(part of OKFN’s Global Weekend for Spending Data) What is it? is project of the Open Knowledge Foundation (OKFN), and is a platform for collecting, storing and analyzing government budgets and financial transactions. The weekend of July 20-21, OpenSpending … Continue reading

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Creativity and Culture are alive and well

This week I attended a salon (themed conversation plus dinner) on Canada’s creative future. It was sparked in part by a Globe op-ed from last year: Canada must refuel for cultural creativity. It was a great conversation with a room … Continue reading

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