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[murmur] at 10

Ten years ago tonight, James Roussel and I skulked around Kensington Market, awkwardly attaching incredibly heavy homemade square steel signs to various poles, lugging armloads of tools and trying to not to look conspicuous. In the early hours of the … Continue reading

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Toronto Budget “Hackathon”: Jul 20-21

(part of OKFN’s Global Weekend for Spending Data) What is it? is project of the Open Knowledge Foundation (OKFN), and is a platform for collecting, storing and analyzing government budgets and financial transactions. The weekend of July 20-21, OpenSpending … Continue reading

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IC Week 11: Jan 21-25

It’s been one of those weeks where it feels like the most honest representation of progress would be by a count of the number of emails sent and received. The short update: project summaries are nearing completion, I’m making progress … Continue reading

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Last night was the premiere of Dissolve — a dance piece by Elizabeth Chitty and the Niagara Dance Company, and my first time collaborating with a choreographer. The artist’s notes: Our time is one of rapid change and dissolving boundaries. … Continue reading

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Looking at MiWay

This weekend was Nuit Blanche in Toronto, but it was Culture Days across the country. As part of Mississauga’s Culture Days celebration, I presented a new piece called “Looking at MiWay.” It was my first art exhibition in a few … Continue reading

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Community briefs and cluefulness

Last week I attended the City of Toronto’s Data, eh? event, billed as “part celebration and part moving forward.” A major intent was to connect those working with data inside and outside of the City; it was great to see … Continue reading

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