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Trends in incubating social innovation

In this, my final semester of coursework in my M.Des., I’ve been studying ‘socialX‘. As the final official piece of my independent study on the subject, I chose to specifically look at the different ways in which organizations are supporting or … Continue reading

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Visualizing Twitter clusters with gephi (update)

[This update on my Twitter cluster visualization project is also the final report for the independent study I’ve been doing on infoviz. I’ll definitely pick up this work again soon, but not in the next couple of weeks. A previous … Continue reading

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Visualizing twitter clusters with gephi: walkthrough

I like step-by-step walkthroughs. They’re task-oriented and context-specific, not universal like conventional documentation. They’re good because no matter what it is I’m doing, someone else has certainly done it before. They’re also good, because when I take the time to … Continue reading

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Visualizing Twitter clusters

I’ve seen lots of maps of online social networks. They’re nifty, but often either ugly or messy or useless. But I came back from Strata really impressed with LinkedIn’s InMaps. The layout of the maps is pleasing, but more importantly, they … Continue reading

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Unseen Geographies and #twifi

Just over a year ago, Alex de Freitas and I collaborated to produce ‘Unseen Geographies,’ a tool to assist Alex with his research on the geography of free wifi. Alex was experimenting with Twitter as a research tool, to conduct … Continue reading

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I went to Strata

[This post is a bit late; I went to Strata two-and-a-half months ago. It was there that I had the conversation (with Tony Thompson; thanks) which finally inspired me to start this blog.] Not long into my research on information visualization, … Continue reading

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