First post

I’m starting my first personal blog with the hope that I’ll be inspired/guilted to write more, which will presumably mean resolving some of the loose ends that have habitually been hanging off most of my ideas lately.

A year and a half ago I basically walked away from a comparatively successful run of techie-arty projects and ventures, to go back to school and then try something (something?!) new. In my final two semesters, it’s time for me to push harder to figure out what that something is.

I have what could easily be called an ideal situation at the moment. In place of the regular coursework, I’m taking two independent studies — meaning that I don’t need to go to class on Fridays; only meet with my advisors periodically. And I’m very lucky to have near-full-time pay for my role as project lead on three OCAD/industry research partnerships.

My two independent studies wind down in April; from then until September I’ll be working on my “major project” (hereinafter called my thesis). No, I do not yet know what it will be about. Ok, ok, fine: yes, it’s a unified theory of Everything.

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