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Doing this work has felt very much like drinking from the proverbial firehose. I’ve cut back dramatically on the sources I check regularly, as I’ve refined my area of interest, developed preferences, and have had a reduced tolerance for (and increasing ability to recognize) noise. Here are some of them:


Conferences & events

  • Engineers Without Boundaries Conference, Jan 14-15, Toronto.
  • Rotman Net Impact Session on ‘Using Social Innovation to Impact Change’, Jan 24, Toronto.
  • Conversations in Design, Jan 27, Toronto.
  • Strata, Feb 1-3, Santa Clara.
  • Social Innovation Salon: The Rise of the Local, Feb 16, Toronto.
  • Social Enterprise Conference, Mar 5-6, Boston.
  • Workshop: Social Asset Measurements: Newest Tools to Measure Your Impact, Mar 9, Toronto.
  • re:Vision, Mar 26, Toronto.
  • Building the Big Society: An evening with Phillip Blond, Mar 28, Toronto.

Appendix to Trends in incubating social innovation

I was encouraged to make a note of everything I find along the way, while working on this project — that this collection might make an interesting resource for someone else. So that’s what I’ve tried to do. I’ve only minimally filtered out redundancies, and I might easily have accidentally forgotten to note a few things, but this is certainly reflective of what I’ve been reading:


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